Small Cell/oDAS

Small Cells are the most recent evolution of wireless radio technology. Small cells are low-powered radio access nodes that have a range of 10 meters to 1 or 2 kilometers. They are “small” compared to a mobile macrocell, which may have a range of 1-30 km. Whereas legacy macro cellular networks may cover a broader coverage area in a radius of several miles, Small Cells can better serve high traffic areas and ensure true mobile broadband capacity to address the needs of today’s data-intensive users. Small cells allow the mobile network to improve in both coverage and capacity, which is instrumental in meeting the anticipated exponential data usage growth. Due to the required density and critical placement of small cells, small form-factor, low power usage, alleviated aesthetic concerns and carrier-class performance are just some of the key attributes that make small cells an optimal solution to address network densification needs. Small cells have lower output power and radiation centers that are closer to the ground, meaning that they are less prone to interference. They also utilize smaller form-factor equipment which blend in better with the surroundings and can be discreetly placed on utility/telephone poles, street lamps or traffic signal poles.

  • Small Cell oDAS Antennas

    Amphenol is the recognized leader in low-visual impact antenna solutions ideal for DAS networks. A wide selection is available for virtually all applications including CANISTERS and OMNIS for light standards and telephone photos, PANELS for stadium applications, YAGIS and PLANARS for use as donor antennas and SHROUDED YAGIS for tunnel applications.

  • Low PIM Jumper Cables

    Amphenol’s premium low PIM jumper cable options are designed for outdoor applications under extreme conditions with high flexibility and small bending diameters. Cable assemblies are available in a variety of lengths and connector combinations and are waterproof per the IP68 water immersion testing standard.

  • LMR Low Loss Flexible Cables

    LMR® RF cable from Times Microwave Systems is the industry standard for flexible, low-loss coaxial cable. Applications for flexible low loss coax are countless. While some manufacturers try to fit the application to a limited product selection, Times Microwave Systems offers the broadest range of sizes (LMR-100 to LMR-1700) and varieties to match the environmental and handling requirements of the application.

  • LMR ADVANTAGE-X Connectors

    LMR® Advantage-X connectors make high quality LMR cable terminations quicker than ever! Advantage-X crimp style connectors are available with both non-solder EZ and solder style center pin terminations. All -X connectors, when used with the CST all-in-one combination prep tool eliminate braid trimming for uniform terminations. Advantage-X Connectors are available for all LMR cable sizes.

  • Lightning and Overvoltage Protection

    Times Microwave Systems innovative Times-Protect® line of lightning protection and overvoltage products address applications throughout the entire useful RF frequency range from DC with capability up to and including 6 GHz and for DC and data line protection. Products also include the LP-SPT surge protector tester and Smart-Panel® entrance panel for optimum equipment protection.

  • Aggregation / Demarcation Enclosures

    Sealed polymer enclosures provide a long life weather resistant location to demark, combine, or segregate optical signal fibers and/or copper power for connection to various communication equipment, including hackhaul, macro and small cell wireless applications.

  • Small Cell Power & Fiber Feeder Cables

    Amphenol trunk assembly solutions offer fiber optic and power connectivity in discrete separate Power and Fiber assemblies, or in a single (hybrid) cable, with up to 48 fiber pairs and 18 copper conductors available.

  • Network test cables

    SilverLine® TuffGrip® robust test cables address the field environment test needs of the cellular infrastructure market.

    SilverLine®-LP is a flexible test cable designed specifically for low PIM performance and to withstand the physical abuse of field use.

    SilverLine®-DAS is specifically designed for stable, low PIM performance and to withstand the flexing that occurs when testing indoor DAS systems in tight spaces.

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