In-building iDAS

A distributed antenna system, or DAS, is a network of spatially separated antenna nodes connected to a common source that provides wireless service within a specific high-traffic geographic area or structure. DAS networks are designed to provide coverage and add capacity in difficult-to-cover areas like tall office buildings, parking garages, stadiums, airports and shopping malls. They work by installing a network of relatively small antennas throughout the building to serve as repeaters. DAS networks are meant to cover a large number of carrier subscribers or fill a significant gap in service. DAS networks are transparent to mobile devices, providing both voice and data services just like any tower on a cellular network. DAS antenna elevations are generally at or below the clutter level and node installations are compact.

  • Aggregation / DEMARCATION Enclosures

    Sealed polymer enclosures provide a long life weather resistant location to demark, combine, or segregate optical signal fibers and/or copper power for connection to various communication equipment, including hackhaul, macro and small cell wireless applications.

  • Donor Antenna

    Amphenol offers a robust range of panels, planars and yagis for use as donor antennas in conjunction with inbuilding wireless networks.

  • In Building Antennas

    Aesthetically pleasing, low profile, ceiling and wall mount SISO, MIMO and omni-directional antennas are available. These are an excellent option to enhance coverage in in-building networks.


  • DAS Composite / Hybrid Power Fiber Cables

    Armored versions surrounds your fiber optic cable in its own built in protective shield, giving it seven times the crush protection compared to unarmored cables and easy one-step installation saving time and labor costs. Unarmored versions are more cost effective; however require an additional installation of a protective innerduct. These cables are available in plenum & riser rated jackets; as well as ribbon, loose tube & tight-buffered fiber.

  • LMR Low Loss Flexible Cables

    LMR® RF cable from Times Microwave Systems is the industry standard for flexible, low-loss coaxial cable. Applications for flexible low loss coax are countless. While some manufacturers try to fit the application to a limited product selection, Times Microwave Systems offers the broadest range of sizes (LMR-100 to LMR-1700) and varieties to match the environmental and handling requirements of the application.


    LMR® Advantage-X connectors make high quality LMR cable terminations quicker than ever! Advantage-X crimp style connectors are available with both non-solder EZ and solder style center pin terminations. All -X connectors, when used with the CST all-in-one combination prep tool eliminate braid trimming for uniform terminations. Advantage-X Connectors are available for all LMR cable sizes.

  • Indoor FIber Jumpers

    Amphenol is a premier manufacturer of jumpers and patch cords in the telecommunications industry, meeting or exceeding many of the industry standard requirements for optical transmission loss, reflectance, visual endface specifications, and geometry. Amphenol offers standard patch cords in a variety of configurations and connector types. Both standard SMF-28e and bend insensitive fiber types are available.


  • Directional and Hybrid Couplers

    These wideband couplers sample signals for distribution from a main feeder input. The coupler designs provide low loss and minimal reflections. Coupler directivity also allows for good isolation between the output and coupled ports. With high isolation and low PIM performance the hybrid coupler is commonly used to combine 2 wireless carrier signals into one signal for an antenna feed. Available in 3, 6, 10, 13, 15, 20 & 30 dB values. Connector types include N, 4.1-9.5 Mini DIN, and 4.3-10.

  • Attenuators and Termination Loads

    High power, low intermodulation attenuators maintain specified attenuation over a wide operating range. Termination loads terminate unwanted ports of hybrid couplers used as in-band combiners.


  • Splitters and Tappers

    Low PIM tappers and splitters distribute high / low power signals through the DAS network with minimal reflections and low loss. Connector types include include N, 4.1-9.5 Mini DIN, and 4.3-10. Available in 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way split version.

  • Telco Power Cables

    Central Office Power Wire and Cable Class B Strand Without Braid. Flexible, stranded, tinned, annealed copper connecting cable for use in telecom equipment where there are requirements for low inductance and good temperature resistance. Available in low smoke, zero halogen, shielded & unshielded, riser & plenum rated. UL Central Office Power Cable 105deg C dry, 60deg C wet, 600 volts, Sizes 10 AWG – 1/0 and larger.  UL 1277 & UL 1685.

  • Rack Mount Panels

    The Amphenol rack mounted enclosures are designed to be used for the distribution and management of fiber optic cables. The product offering includes a variety of enclosures for patching, splicing, distribution, storing, splitting, and coupling of fiber optic signals for both single mode and multimode cables.


  • Low PIM Cables for DAS

    Times Microwave Systems offers a complete line of low PIM flexible jumpers for DAS and small cell applications. Products include SPP™ low PIM low, low PIM and TFT™ ultraflexible low PIM jumpers. Connector configurations available include type QMA, SMA, N, 7/16 DIN, 4.3/10 DIN, 4.1’9.5 DIN. All jumpers are 100% tested for PIM, insertion loss and VSWR with the data on a marker band attached to every cable.

  • Splice Trays

    Amphenol offers low cost, small footprint splice trays. Available in 12 or 24 fiber options. 100mm Wide x 10mm high x 140 mm deep. Each 140 mm tray can accomodate up to 12 fusion splices with heat shrink. Stackable to double the capacity.


  • Network test cables

    SilverLine® TuffGrip® robust test cables address the field environment test needs of the cellular infrastructure market.

    SilverLine®-LP is a flexible test cable designed specifically for low PIM performance and to withstand the physical abuse of field use.

    SilverLine®-DAS is specifically designed for stable, low PIM performance and to withstand the flexing that occurs when testing indoor DAS systems in tight spaces.

  • Wall Mount Panels

    Amphenol’s Wall Mount Distribution Panels provide an excellent enclosure for patching, splicing and storing fiber optic terminations. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate from 12 to 144 fibers.

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