Macro Cellular Networks

A macrocell is a cell in a mobile phone network that provides radio coverage served by a high power cellular base station. The macrocell is the original cellular network that is most commonly recognized by the general public. Macrocells are the backbone of the cellular wireless network, providing durable, wide-area coverage and convenience for cell phone users. Macrocell antennas are mounted on towers, monopoles, rooftops and other existing structures, at a height that provides a clear view over the surrounding buildings and terrain. Generally, macrocells provide coverage to larger geographic areas, with a cell radius 1 – 30 km and typical power outputs of tens of watts.

  • Base Station Antennas

    Amphenol offers the most comprehensive selection of multi-technology base station antennas designed for best-in-class performance and reliable communication. Directional, omni-directional, canister and concealment options are available for virtually all applications and global frequencies.

  • AISG / RET Cables

    Our AISG connectors are manufactured according to the AISG Standard (AISG C 485). Amphenol has set the standards with our C091 circular connector series. Compatible with industry cables from Andrew, Kathrein, Scala, Ericsson, Alcatel Lucent (ALU, Huawei, Kaelus, RFS, KMW, and many others.

  • Jumper Cables

    Amphenol’s premium jumper cable options are designed for outdoor applications under extreme conditions with high flexibility and small bending diameters. Cable assemblies are available in a variety of lengths and connector combinations and are waterproof per the IP68 water immersion testing standard.

  • Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMAs)

    Operators know that a cost-effective solution to maximizing site coverage and boosting call quality is through the use of Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMAs). Amphenol offers a global portfolio of single-band, multi-band and integrated filter designs. Compatible power distribution units and Bias-T’s complete the solution.

  • Combiners

    Amphenol’s Combiners allow operators to combine multiple frequencies onto a single run of coax reducing overall costs, wind loads and weight in a streamlined arrangement. Diplexers, triplexers, quadruplexers and multiplexers are designed for low insertion loss to ensure minimal impact on the overall system.

  • Smart Bias-Ts

    Smart Bias-Ts (SBTs) from Amphenol feature multiple configurations to insert and extract the AISG RET signals.

  • DC Stops

    DC Stops can be used in combination with filters to customize the DC and AISG paths.

  • Tower Top Power & Fiber Assemblies

    Assemblies are for power and signal connectivity from tower top hybrid aggregation/break out enclosures, to tower top remote radio heads. Available in (2) SM fibers x (4) 12 AWG Conductor: & (4) SM Fibers x (4) – 12 AWG conductor configurations.

  • Cell Tower Coaxial Feeder Cable

    Whether it’s a connection to a single component or a fully integrated RF transmission line system, Amphenol can supply your RF feeder cable. Select from flexible or super flexible, copper or aluminum with standard or fire retardant jackets in 1/4”, 3/8”, ½”, 7/8”, 1-1/4” or 1-5/8”. Amphenol RF feeder cable features optimum electrical performance even after repeated bending and offers low return loss and low attenuation from the highly foamed polyethylene dielectric. And, with Amphenol connectors you can expect excellent intermodulation performance.

  • Lightning and Overvoltage Protection

    Times Microwave Systems innovative Times-Protect® line of lightning protection and overvoltage products address applications throughout the entire useful RF frequency range from DC with capability up to and including 6 GHz and for DC and data line protection. Products also include the LP-SPT surge protector tester and Smart-Panel® entrance panel for optimum equipment protection.

  • Rugged Environment Cell Tower Hybrid Feeder Cables & Assemblies

    Hybrid cables help operators achieve their fiber and power connectivity objectives for tower, & rooftop sites. Spare optical fibers provide for future expansion, and save on leasing costs. Available in (24) SM Fibers x (12) – 6AWG Conductor; (16) SM Fibers x (8) – 6 AWG Conductor; & (8) SM Fibers x (4) -6AWG Conductor configurations; with PT/LC, PT/MPO, AARC, R2CT, & J Connectors.

  • TCAT™ Rugged Outdoor Category 6 Cable

    Times Microwave Systems innovative TCAT™ cable addresses the needs of outdoor installation environments. With a UV and sunlight resistant black polyethylene outer jacket, high coverage flooded tinned copper braid for optimum grounding and shielding, TCAT is the ideal solution for the rigors of outdoor installations.

  • Aggregation / Demarcation Enclosures

    Sealed polymer enclosures provide a long life weather resistant location to demark, combine, or segregate optical signal fibers and/or copper power for connection to various communication equipment, including backhaul, macro and small cell wireless applications.

  • Grounding Solutions

    Times Microwave Systems Smart-Panel® provides for single point grounding and eliminates costly and time consuming cable ground kits. The external copper master ground bar is also eliminated so there are no copper parts to steal outside the shelter. Inside the shelter the installation is simplified and cost reduced by the elimination of the lightning protector trapeze.

  • Network test cables

    SilverLine® TuffGrip® robust test cables address the field environment test needs of the cellular infrastructure market.

    SilverLine®-LP is a flexible test cable designed specifically for low PIM performance and to withstand the physical abuse of field use.

    SilverLine®-DAS is specifically designed for stable, low PIM performance and to withstand the flexing that occurs when testing indoor DAS systems in tight spaces.

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