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Amphenol provides advanced antennas, hybrid cables, concealment shrouds, connectors, and even fiber solutions that enable wireless networks to bring about the benefits of broadband access over the airwaves.

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Base Station Antennas

  • Our NodeLine base station antenna family offers a large range of products that provide even more connectivity. NodeLine antennas allow integration of an independent 5G solution on top and to upgrade your antenna and reduce your carbon footprint by up to 50%, while incorporating it into a tri-sector cylindrical enclosure.
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  • We are now engaged in designing a first generation active massive MIMO base station antennas.

Medium Cell Antennas

  • Amphenol offers a wide range of medium cell antennas, and have recently designed products specific to the European market.
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  • Amphenol radio concealment shrouds and pole solutions offer aesthetically-pleasing concealment of radios and remote equipment at small cell, densification, and DAS remote sites. With municipalities increasingly passing ordinances for the concealment of remote equipment deployments, our attractive and functional concealment shrouds help obtain approvals, speed deployments, and protect equipment in a variety of environments.
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  • Amphenol’s R02 Round Profile Non-Louvered Vertical Pedestal provides mounting facilities and security for fiber taps and RF passive components used in today’s Fiber-to-the-Home or coaxial based access networks.
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  • Amphenol offers network distribution points in various configurations and footprints. The Mini Amphenol Multiport Terminal (Mini AMT) is ideally suited for applications where minimal space impact is desired. Various port options and connector styles allow for flexibility and customization depending on the number of outputs needed. The housing accommodates splitters in 1×4, 1×8 and 1×12 formats. Robust plastic design is factory sealed to guarantee IP67 / 68 ingress protection and applicable GR-771-Core requirements.
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  • Multifiber Trunks

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